Rest, physical therapy, cortisol injections - you’ve tried it all, and still you experience chronic pain. When surgery is not an option, you may find relief with PDA Human Amniotic Fluid (PAD-HAF). This safe, drug-free injection contains more than 200 growth factors and other naturally occurring nutrients that encourage cellular and soft tissue regeneration and reconstruction. PDA-HAF offers a surgery-free alternative for those who want to explore other therapies. 

Benefits of PDA Human Amniotic Fluid:

  • Anti-inflammatory & Anti-microbial
  • Contains 200 Different Growth Factors
  • All Natural and Drug-free
  • Reduced Recovery Time
  • Safe, Non-steroidal Alternative to Surgery 

Regenerative medicine is creating a lot of excitement in the medical world because it harnesses your body’s own healing power to boost it in a very powerful and effective way. Just think of the potential regenerative medicine has for treating pain, injuries and diseases!

At United Foot & Ankle Surgeons, we're highly knowledgeable about regenerative medicine, and use only the most responsible and credible resources.  If you or someone you love is suffering from pain, injury or disease, we'd appreciate the opportunity to tell you more about our stem cell therapy program.

If you suffer from chronic foot pain, you may benefit from PDA-HAF injection. Speak with one of our physicians today to learn more about PDA-HAF and how you can benefit.   Please call us at 773-989-2500 or click below to schedule an appointment online!

Education source from Dr. Orlando Nunez CDA Foot & Ankle Clinic